Ine Mulder (1982) is a product designer that graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. Ine designs products that shape and form the human identity. She draws her inspiration from fashion and medical science. Her work is almost always centered around one of these two themes or in conjunction with both. Ine has a preference for experimental use of nonfashion related materials and techniques that result in unconventional products and unique pieces.

After graduating from high school Ine contemplated three options for further education: the training program for an F16 pilot, medicine, or the Design Academy Eindhoven. Ine was not accepted to the F16 program. She was admitted to the Design Academy Eindhoven and chose to pursue this, leaving behind her aspirations to study medicine. Ine’s passion for her unexplored paths remain with her and are consistently found in the theme and form of her work.

How can it be fashionable and medical?
These two themes at first appear more in conflict rather than in common with each other. Fashion is a personal choice and worn on the body as an expression of your identity. Medical disorders involuntarily affect the body and mind, thus influencing aspects of your identity. Medical accessories, like insuline pumps or wigs, are primarily designed from the perspective of the chronic illness, which in turn lends to a stigmatizing effect.
Yet Ine has a unique concept that attempts to blur the line between these two subjects. (I moved this part, I think it fits better here) She wants to approach design for these accessories from a positive perspective: as a physical extension of your identity and tool to assist in daily life. Ine believes that the boundaries between fashion accessories and medical accessories begin to dissipate as fashion evolves.

Ine designs accessories for her own company, Rabbit Gear Accessory design & Concepts. In addition to her own work she has gained experience through her collaborations with designers, photographers and artists. She has worked on collections for dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters and artist Irene Fortuyn, to name a few. Ine has participated in various creative brainstorming for companies such as Medical Center Alkmaar and ING. Her work is represented by Galerie Pien Rademakers. In addition to this, Ine works as a part time professor for the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam in the Lifestyle and Design department.

(translated by Brooke Denig)

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